Sunday, August 31, 2014

Single moms only lose it over ricotta cheese

People often ask me "How do you do it with two kids and a career all by yourself"? My response? I just do it!! It's not even that hard!! We do what we have to do, especially when little people are involved, but I have to tell you that it's occurred to me recently that it's the little things that send me flying over the deep end. Any big, huge life event, I can tackle with ease. I was standing in the kitchen making a lasagna for a coworker that had broken her leg. I thought that I would make her and her family a dinner and dessert to ease some of her stress. I make the salad, I make the dessert and then I proceed to gather the ingredients for the Alfredo lasagna. I realize that I had forgotten to purchase the ricotta cheese in between picking up kids from school and an academic team practice. What do you think happened? Did I get back into the car and go to the store that's only five minutes down the street?? No. I had a complete meltdown right there in the kitchen. I cried like a baby over ricotta cheese. Ricotta cheese!!!!!!!!! Very interesting how the little things will harvest the deepest frustrations.  I hope that this helps another single momma or father out there. If you have meltdowns like this, I feel that you are normal :) if you don't, then you may just be Wonder Woman.